The company has been the exclusive for good performance from 1997
and has earned a certificate for good performance from National Iranian Drilling Company.

145Rubber Piston“3NBR&Bakelite 
367FMC typeRubber Piston“7NBR&Bakelite 
367/1FMC typeRubber Piston“7NBR&Bakelite 
479 Rubber Piston“4NBR 
 490Rubber Piston“6NBR 
 516/2Rubber Piston6-1/2NBR 
 516/4Rubber Piston6-1/2NBR 
560/1 Rubber Piston6-1/2NBR 
574 Rubber Piston6-1/2NBR 
 1338Rubber Piston6-1/2NBR 
  • Factory:
    No. 20, Golestan 19, Shams Abad Industrial Town, Tehran
  • Whatsapp and Telegram: +98-916-636-2265
  • Our company address in Australia:
    207/1 Grosvenor St, Doncaster, VIC 3108
  • (0061)450342681